Areas of Practice

  • Family Law
  • Wills & Estates
  • Small Claims


  • Advice & Consultations
  • Notarize Copies & Commission Court Documents
  • Task Specific Returns
  • Representation for negotiations & litigation
  • Litigation Support services

Firm Overview

Rouse Law Office is a client focused law practice. This translates into providing value added service to its clients. Our office is in Collingwood, Ontario. We embrace technology that allowsservice to clients across Simcoe County and beyond.

Our firm’s areas of practice are family law; wills & estates; and small claims matters. Our services include initial consultations & advice; legal representation; dispute resolution via negotiation and litigation; task specific retainers; notarize copies of documents; commissioning of court documents; litigation support services that include process serving and court filing of court documents.

Rouse Law Office is defined by its dedication to its clients. This dedication encompasses every aspect of our client service. We are dedicated to embracing a reasonable and honest approach to a client’s legal issues. We provide a forum to promote client autonomy with the benefit of strategic sound advice. We render such advice in a timely and practical manner. We ensure that the strategy employed considers cost efficiency and likelihood of success. We are understanding and accessible to our clients in their time in need. Dedication - there is no other word that embraces our commitment to our clients.