Rouse Law Office’s areas of practice are Family Law, Wills & Estates & Small Claims Matters. Our services include initial advice & consultations; legal representation; dispute resolution via negotiation and litigation; task specific retainers; notarize copies of documents; commissioning of court documents; litigation support services that include process serving and court filing of court documents.



There is no area of law that potentially will affect you or someone you know more than family law. The breakdown of a relationship can be devastating. However, the legal ramifications can be just as devastating if you are not prepared. You will likely need the expertise of a family law lawyer if you or someone you know is experiencing a legal issue with family matters and domestic relations.

Rouse Law Office can assist you with the following matters:

  • domestic contracts (cohabitation, marriage and separation agreements)
  • child custody and access
  • spousal/child support
  • division of property
  • restraining orders
  • urgent motions
  • divorce
  • matters involving child protection


The Small Claims Court provides access to justice for everyday citizens. This involves the adjudication of most civil disputes involving monetary value of up to $25,000. Although Small Claims Court has simplified rules and procedures geared to self-represented litigants, it can still be a daunting task to litigate in the small claims court. Rouse Law Office can assist you with the following matters:

  • representation at small claims court for settlement conferences, motions and trial
  • preparing & filing plaintiff’s claims, defenses and defendant’s claims
  • enforcement of judgments with writs of seizure and sale of land or personal property, garnishments


Planning for a time when you are no longer around is something many of us don’t wish to think about. However, it is a reality that death is imminent at some point. Thus, estate planning is good planning.

Rouse Law Office can assist you with the following matters:

  • drafting wills
  • preparing powers of attorney (property & financial)
  • preparing personal care powers of attorney
  • obtaining certificates of probate
  • obtaining appointments of guardian of property
  • obtaining appointments of guardian of personal care

Rouse Law Office is defined by its dedication to its clients. This dedication encompasses every aspect of our client service. We are dedicated to embracing a reasonable and honest approach to a client’s legal issues. We provide a forum to promote client autonomy with the benefit of strategic sound advice. We render such advice in a timely and practical manner. We ensure that the strategy employed considers cost efficiency and likelihood of success. We are understanding and accessible to our clients in their
time in need.

Dedication - there is no other word that embraces our commitment to our clients